Fishing Sand Lake


If you are looking for the best walleye fishing in Minnesota, Sand Lake offers direct access to more than 5,000 acres of water with a maximum depth of 70 feet. It is one of the largest and most popular walleye fisheries in Minnesota! Anglers can expect exceptional fishing opportunities for walleye, northern pike, large & smallmouth bass, crappie, perch & pan-fish.

Sand Lake Map

Birds Eye Lake - Be Careful Entering The Chanel As The Are Some Shallow Bolders To Look Out For... But Ample Fishing Opportunities Can Be Found On This Secluded Body Of Water (No Docks Or Houses). This Can Be A Good Spot In Early Through Mid Summer.

Little Sand Lake - This Lake Is Connected Via A Small Chanel & Is Definitely Worth A Try. Walleye, Crappie & Perch Can Be Found Off The Main Lake Points. Bass & Pike Can Be Found Lurking In The Shallows.

Portage Lake - Cruise Under The Bridge & Check Out Portage Lake. This Lake Is Deep But Its Edges Warm Up Quickly Making It A Good Place To Try In The Early-Mid Summer. Big Bluegills Can Be Found In The Southern End. Crappies Like To Hang Out In The Channel By The Bridge.

SandHaven's Location - We Are Located Right Across From The Public Access On The Northern Part Of The "Boot".

The 2024 MN Walleye Fishing Opener Is May 11th


SandHaven Resort is ideally situated in a calm bay along the southwest shore of Sand Lake. Our modern facilities include a new floating dock system with electricity at each slip. Our well-Equipped fish cleaning room features ample countertop space with sinks. We also offer on-Site live bait, tackle & gas sales.

Braggin' Pics

Walleye - Bass - Crappie - Perch - Pike - Panfish

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Sand Lake Fishing Tips #1 & #2

Proven Techniques For Sand Lake

#1 Lindy Rigging For Walleyes

Lindy Legendary Tackle created the Lindy Rig in the late 1960s and revolutionized the walleye fishing market. The one-and-only Lindy Rig is still one of the best rigs for walleyes, plus knowledgeable fishermen adapt the rigs with Lindy components to fit different situations and various species…

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#2 Ned Rigs For Smallmouth Bass

To make this technique successful, all you need is a pile of rocks & a light mushroom head jig head – maybe a 16th ounce or 10th  ounce jig & a small piece of plastic such as a Senko or other stick bait. Make a long cast on light line with a spinning reel & a 7 ft medium action rod & let it float down to the bottom…

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Sand Lake Fishing Tips #3 & #4

Proven Techniques For Sand Lake

#3 Frogging For Largemouth Bass

Hollow body frogs are always a must-try when water temps rise above 50 degrees…basically spawn through late fall. They’re fun to fish, producing topwater blow-ups from big bass & they’re effective, even for novices.  A stout rod & strong reel spooled with heavy braided line is best…

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#4 Jigging For Crappies

Using any one of the different methods available, any time of the year is a great time for catching crappies. A popular method is rigging up a jig and feeling the bite of a crappie. To a crappie fisherman, it doesn’t get any better than that…

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We have a very large floating dock system that holds fish all summer long. Catching fish off the dock has been a long tradition since the days of Empty Bar Resort and Campbell’s Lodge. Now SandHaven continues this tradition with crappies, sunfish, perch, bass, northern & walleye caught right off our dock!

Our floating dock system offers safety and convenience for you and your boat. Since it is a plastic floating system, your boat is always at the correct level to the dock. Slips are assigned and electricity is provided to each one. The plastic is also nice for barefoot children because there are no wood slivers or uneven boards to stub toes on.

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